Saturday, March 19, 2011

It is SO Hard When They Believe You Know Nothing

This is one of those times where I wish I was a 8-3 teacher, who graded only what she could get done during the school day and left all school related issues at the door.  I wish I could.

Vice LordsI have a former student, already graduated - so she is a big girl.  As I am perusing my Facebook feed, I notice her picture - throwing up gang signs - and my blood begins to boil!  I scroll down her wall and I see a posting regarding VLN.  I instantly inbox her telling her I wish I was close enough to bop her upside the head.  Then I start looking through her pictures...the tattoos she has had done - clear as day,  the gang bangers and their pieces.  I look to see who she has tagged in these pictures.  My stomach sinks.  So, now I go through her feed.
"I love my bruthas and sistas of this Almighty Vice Lord Nation...Happy Holy Divine Day 55"
There's my neon billboard - she is gone.  I've lost her. We had a heated discussion, because I will be danged if I am going to let one of my girls go blindly and without a fight.  And she starts telling me about all the good they do for impoverished blacks in their communities - they are an "organization that has been around since the '50s."  It is all on the up and up.  They are trying to empower her. And I literally shake my head at my monitor.  Really?  She bought that?  I reassured that I would be there no matter what, there is nothing waiting for her at home - which is why this leap makes sense.  She is not hearing anything I am saying.  My stomach is tied in knots.  My head is throbbing.  I still can't make her see.  But I wish I didn't care.  I have buried 18 kids, I don't need to bury another.  I only hope she realizes what she has gotten into before it is too late to get out of.  God Speed, Gilligan Girl. God  Speed.
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