Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Peace Falls Over the House

It is 0511.  I have been up since 4am when Liv decided her bed was no longer sufficient for her slumbering purposes.  As I sit her watching the news in peace and quiet, waiting for the chaos of 4 children to erupt, it dawns on me how quiet how house will be this week.  Grandma and Grandpa are taking the boys and Desiree still has school even though we are on Spring Break.  I should be ecstatic.  We will be able to get our honey-do list accomplished - which might I add, my hubby has been FANTASTIC at knocking out this week.  We will be able to go out with the boys for St. Paddy's Day.  I am grateful, I really am.

But in the peace and quiet that comes with missing children I always find myself missing them.  Missing the arguments over chores, toys, space, snacks, homework, science experiments, haircuts...I must sound insane.  But I miss my kids terribly after the first night.  Can you see me as an empty nester?  YIKES!  They will all be back Friday.  D will be home from school, we will head up to Grandma's to pick up the boys and the chaos will be back in full swing.  Life will be good.

So in the mean time, I anxiously wait for the boys to wake up.  For D to realize she still has to go to school.  For the craziness to ensue.  I will miss it, I always do.  Then, as always my dear husband will merely shake his head and call me crazy - which is totally true.  Why else would I teach high school, while married to a man who gets paid to run into burning buildings, with 4 kids in dire need my sole attention - right NOW?  But sometimes, crazy is good.

Happy Tuesday!
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