Monday, November 19, 2012

I Need my FF to Come Home - like NOW!

Aside from the fact that since Monday, I have seen him for 2 evenings - 1 of which was my step-father's funeral, 1 car drop off and 2 minutes outside the house as he switched firehouses yesterday.  It is 3:19am on Monday, and I have been up since 2:30am trying to get back jaw back in place.  I dislocated it in a coughing fit and I am in pain.


So, considering he gets called by dispatch for sore muscles from the previous day's workout, think it would be legit if I called and asked them to send him to me??  I am drooling all over myself, I can't yawn, coughing and sneezing is killing me.  I keep hoping if I just relax it will slip back in.

Have I told you that I hate Mondays??

I gave up right after this post and went in to the ER that is just a few blocks away.  I am guessing pretty soon they will know us by name if we keep  this pace up.  I went in with an offering envelope that had our address and added my first name, DOB and phone number.  They figured out the issue pretty quickly - the bulge by my ear that was my jawbone was a pretty good indicator, I guess.   Took care of me with some muscle relaxants and some manipulation.  So, I am tired at work.  But no longer drooling all over myself.  The day has improved!
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