Friday, November 30, 2012

The Next Journey of Our Lives

I knew it was coming.  Genetically it was only a matter of time.  We have seen J's parents deal with it, his uncle...and now it is our turn.

J failed his sleep study.

We knew this was coming.  He had one a few years ago and they said, "ehhh, not now, but probably pretty soon."  And here we are.  

I was giving him a hard time about leaving me alone on a non-shift day - he has been home for a week and a half.  And, I have gotten spoiled by having him there to sleep with every night.  I even gave him a hard time about leaving after dinner, because at least when he's gone all day "I don't notice you're not there."  <snicker> Poor guy.

He called me on my way in this AM, sounding kind of downtrodden about the whole scenario.  They woke him up at 2:30am to tell him he needed a CPAP for the rest of the study.  Not a good sign.  But, I knew it was coming.  So many nights when his snoring has woken me up, I spend the next few hours waiting for him to stop breathing so I can throw and elbow into his ribs.  Not a good thing when you get up at 4:30am.  And he wonders why I doze off at 9:30pm, while watching TV with him.  I can't wait for this to become normal and sleep to be my friend!

I look at it totally differently.  He is unhappy about his instant elephantitis.  Ehh, who cares.  If my babies were tough enough to use them in the NICU, my FF can man up and let me get some sleep!  If he can stay awake on a Sunday and watch more than a quarter of a Packer game with me, or he can get up before 10am on a Saturday or he is not grumpy about getting up to go to mass with me on the Sundays he is home, it so totally worth the fashion compromise.  It might even help with his depression.  I'm in.

He won't wear it to work, mainly because he really doesn't sleep enough to warrant it.  He's also concerned about how it get in the way with 2am tones.  That may change with time and a slower house.  I know there are a few guys on the engine with CPAPs and it is just part of life.
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