Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just in case you were wondering

I am still alive.

Things have been a bit insane, hence no posts in like FOREVER!

My FF... yeah about him. I think that is a post for another day.  Let's just say that this past  Saturday was a TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD  day and I will tell you all about it tomorrow...once I get through our 48/N's Christmas Concert/ my last minute Open House tonight.  I guarantee you will be laughing in disbelief and thanking the Lord you are not me.

Admit it, you're a tiny bit jealous!
Work, INSANE.  My Social Justice class wants to bring our class's teachings to life.  And how do you say no??  So, I have indeed spent my time sleeping in cardboard spaceships in 30 degree weather, stuffing buses with food and planning to dress girls around the world with pillow cases.  We are making differences in small steps, but still making differences.  And it takes a TON of time to make that difference.  And through in my history classes, final projects and papers and you have an official bout of Crunch time going on.

A group of my Fire Wife friends and myself worked really hard to help make the LODDs that Chicago has suffered through a little less horrific.  I don't know if we were successful, but we all came away a bit more aware (as if we really needed to be) at how quickly they  can be ripped from our hands.  Please send your thoughts to CFD, the Patmon family and the Johnson family, they are in need of it.

My school's auction was also in this time frame.  We literally shut the world down and people work nearly 'round the clock to bring this to life.  My 9/11 memorial picture went in the "Buy It Now" option within minutes of the auction opening.  My N was an amazing server and really worked his tail off.

And, sadly, my stepfather passed very unexpectedly last Wednesday in their cabin up north.  My mom's heart is broken, but, truth be told, if you have to leave this world, peacefully in your sleep next to your best friend is the way to go.  Please send your prayers to her.  We will have his memorial down here tomorrow and up north at their cabin this weekend.  But, this tragedy, too, has pulled me away from this blog.  Wednesday I literally drove the entire length of the state - from the WI/IL border to the WI/MI border, in one morning.  I am so glad I checked my phone during the retreat.

So, I promise I will find my way back to my blog.  

Until then, hug your kids and kiss your FFs.  Life is too short to not cherish every moment with them.

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