Monday, November 26, 2012

Naughty Teachers

Love notes on my front door on gauze pad packaging.
Doesn't get more romantic than that!
Found it!
I have always said that teachers are the worst students.  Today we had 6+ hours of Doctrine inservicing.  By the third presenter's 2nd hour, we were lost.  We got into our discussion groups and got off track, but not totally. We were talking about love and distance. And they asked how it impacted our world.  I started looking for a picture I have of us "having dinner" with the fireman.  It as during that stretch this summer of like 5 million 48s in a row.  Okay, maybe that million part was an exaggeration, but I do think it was 5 48s in a row.  We were missing Daddy hard core and so we called him on ooVoo and set him up on the dining room table so we could eat dinner "together."  I have a picture of it and was looking through my phone to try and find it.  I could not find it, but I did notice that nearly all of my pictures of Daddy and the kids from this past summer involve bunker gear or the firehouse.  It amazed me how much time he spent away from us.
Firehouse Ice Cream tastes so much better than the ice cream at home!
The teacher is still in those bunkers!

Dang tones - we were only there 2 minutes - literally.
HEO in training??
3rd of July Fireworks downtown, stopping by to see Daddy

The crazy fireworld even influences the fashion sense in this house!

And then I realized...

these are the memories my kids will take with them into their own families and tell their children.  My kids and these pictures, these are the memories that they are creating, with their Daddy - at the firehouse.  It is part of our world and his home away from home.  Those FFs are his family just as much as we are.  And that needs to be preserved, just as much as the memories created in our backyard.

Amazing how inspiration and revelation strikes when we are off task.  Something I need to remind myself of in my classroom!!

Hug your muppets and kiss your firefighters.  Be thankful and loving of them, even if the distance gets annoying.  

Happy Monday!
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