Monday, April 15, 2013

Better Late Than Never

I promised to tell you about my amazing morning last Monday.  Sorry it has taken me nearly a week, but here is my oh wow, life is good story.

Monday was  the kids' last day at their old school.  We gave them the morning to say good-bye to their friends and get their stuff.  J was supposed to go with me and make a morning of it, but one of his classes started that day.  I wasn't going to drive down there to turn around and come back 90 minutes later.  The extra 90 minute round trip drive was really not worth the cost or energy.  So, I hit Starbucks for a bit, watched an episode on Netflix.  But I found that the coffee shop scene is not nearly as exciting when you are flying solo and have nothing in particular to work on. So I left after a bit.  Ran to Target to grab a backpack for N.  He was definitely going to be in need of one since the new school does not use e-books. As I pulled into the front spot that I can use with the pretty little red sign hanging from my rear-view mirror, the heavens are pouring down upon us.  I waste time, my FF calls, we chit chat until there is a lull.  Now, please realize that the luxury of driving that comes with a broken LEFT ankle, also restricts your movement in and out of the driver's side of the car.  By the time I get my seat back, my purse on and my leg and crutches out, WHOOSH!, down comes the rain.  And I am quickly soaking wet.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see someone hightailing it from their car, presumably because of the rain.  BUT, it was actually that she was rushing to come see me - to come share her umbrella with me!  How absolutely AMAZING!  The sheer kindness of strangers! I thanked her and asked her name.  She smiled and told me to have a good day. And she left joy in my heart.

After crutching through there, I hit another store that we don't have here at home.  On my way in, I found $100 bill in the parking lot.  I took it to the manager.  She told me that this particular store does not take possession of found money for liability reasons and no one had called inquiring, so the money was mine. Normally, my first thought would have been to donate the found money...and it did cross my mind. Money is tight and my kids are going from a uniform school to a public charter school, so there is a need for school clothes.  I hit the clearance racks and was able to get a few new outfits for everyone, a new notebook for everyone and lunch money for J's next shift.  I will be sure to make sure that St. Ben's gets some of my time and energy to make up for it.  

It was a wonderful morning, on what could have been highly depressing.  A prayer of thanks was more than warranted.

Today, a dreary day.  Raining...again.  Find a reason to say thank you, no matter how small, and smile and enjoy it.

Say thanks for your FF and your muppets, be sure to tell them you are thankful for them.  

Have a great week, look for the amazing things all around you.  
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