Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life Changes

And that is just the way things go.  We have had a major life change in our home, surprisingly brought on by my "scandalous" blog.  There were people who were in my life who found my blog and jumped to conclusions based on the title and my button.  The person should have really read the description, if nothing else, the scripture might have caught his eye, but I digress.  Life changes and we go down the path the Lord puts out for us.

The muppets started at a new school today, after taking the morning yesterday to say good-bye to their other school friends.  N came out in tears.  He held it together until he hit the door with the contents of his locker in his bag.  The drive home was a long drive for him.  We met their teachers yesterday afternoon.  B and D just slid right into place.  Sat in their desks, introduced themselves to their tablemates and away they went.  It has probably been most difficult for N, so he opted out yesterday and came home with O and myself.  O, she was just looking for time to spend with momma.  :D

This morning was amazing.  J and I got up early to make a big breakfast, they LOVED picking out clothes and looked adorable this morning.  It was a DOWNPOUR of a morning and they were sooooo excited.  The best part was the drive was FIVE minutes. After driving 200 miles a day last fall for football and 100 miles the rest of the year, it was such a nice change.

So, peace to those we leave behind and welcome to those we are yet to meet.

Tomorrow, I will share how AWESOME yesterday was for me.  I have some AMAZING stories from my morning of wasting time waiting for noon.  And maybe some of the stories my muppets bring home from their adventure today.  School lets out in 2 minutes - they'll be home in 10.  How AWESOME is that??  (my word of the day, clearly)

Hug your FFs, love your muppets and if you are around here, enjoy this stormy weather - but stay safe.
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