Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Return to Normal

We are hanging out and enjoying the peace...and Daddy is not here.  And it is so nice.

Not that my FF is not here, I will be missing him later, make no bones about it.  But it is reassuring that we are back to normal.  

from the Bay View Compass.
My  FF is back on shift.  He made a last minute trade to be able to go to the lake with us yesterday.  A FF he worked with at the academy this summer has a cottage on one of the smaller lakes just west of here. And he invited the FFs working at the academy out to join him for the day.  There was an adorable labradoodle named Yankee who kept the muppets entertained.  (And made me realize how much I miss my tennis ball chasing goldens.) Seaweed was grossing out my city girls.  Floaties taking the kids out to the diving raft. Wondering if the Pedal Boat my boys were pedaling around the lake would actually make it back to shore, Laughing at the stories of the FFs who have a lot more years on than mine, that really cannot be shared here.  It was such an amazing afternoon.  Just to be around people who get this life and to laugh. Daddy took the lead with the kids, he played with all the little girls, taking them out on the pedal boat. Before we left, my fireman got the news that he has been dying for all summer.  He was being nominated for a Garden District Award.  I'll fill you in on that later.  Quite the soap opera.  None-the less, life was perfect.  It was so enjoyable, that I forgot to take pictures.  My camera sat idle.  I take pictures of the most mundane things and I was too busy chit chatting to capture these moments of my kids' lives for all eternity.  Ah well.  I am sure they'll forgive me. 

On our way home, with 3 1/2 kids sleeping in the back from all the fresh air, we had to stop at two firehouses.  One to deliver a pair of forgotten sunglasses from the lake, hopefully he gets them tomorrow.  And his regular house to pick up his non-disgustingly smelly, from gross training hay fires, bunkers. Which meant he was going to be back in his element today.  

And the world will be righted.

Just like all good fire families, we are going to carry on without him. 

Our State Fair is a GREAT State Fair.  Don't miss it, don't even be late...

We are off to the fair without Daddy.

Life is back to normal.  We will head off after lunch, meet grandpa there after he is done refereeing his tournament.  Eat fried food we would never consider outside the confines of the Fair Grounds.

And all is right with our abnormal normalcy.

My FF is away from the craziness of the muppet show we are running here, we are working our way back without him and life is good.  Hug those firefighters as they come off shift, do something fun with the kids today, even if it is just the Hokey Pokey in the back yard, and enjoy life!  Happy Sunday!

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