Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Crystal Anniversary

It is hard to believe that I am old enough to have actually been married for 15 years.  Even harder to believe that we are closer than we were the day we got married.  But, we were babies when we  got married.  I had been out of school a year, he was about to start student teaching.  We spent the first few months of our married life living in two different cities.  I was staying with my dad and he was doing his student teaching where we went college.  We finally got to live together full time, when he found a place to student teach in the same city I was teaching in.  We loved spending time together. I am just amazed, every day, that he still does and hasn't got tired of me.
And here we are, clearly 15 years older and four muppets later.  But we are clearly in a very different place.  I was marrying an elementary school teacher.  It was just the two of us, ready to take on the world!

Four years later, we welcomed our second son into the world - on our anniversary.  (Which by the way, I called in February - never mind that he was due the middle of September.)  He was the best anniversary gift ever. And that adorable little guy, is now my happy go lucky about to enter 6th grade boy.  He is so gentle and kind and loving and giving. We are truly blessed to have been given him.  Well, aside from when he doesn't want to clean his room...

And now that 4th grade student teacher I married is a firefighter/paramedic.  Still teaching, but to a very different audience.  The two kids I agreed to has morphed into four muppets. The baby golden retriever we started with has turned into a pair of drooling polar bear pyrs. 

Life is clearly not what I had envisioned it to be.

But I would not have it any other way.

To my firefighter on our crystal anniversary (I did have to look that up, by the way), I love you more than ever.  Now, let's go celebrate with some Bay View Redcat Football practice and Despicable Me 2.  And somehow that all makes things seem crystal clear.

I wouldn't have it any other way! 
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