Friday, August 30, 2013

A return to normal...with a 48

This summer was anything BUT normal.  I'm thinking, however, that after waiting for the last 4 summers to return to normal, ever-changing is the NEW normal.  J was on 40 hour weeks, then returned to his normal shift...for a week.  Then back to a 40 hour week for some more training - with a 24 on each end, making for a 90 hour week and jumping right into our family's first camping trip...insanity.  There was just no way for us to adjust and adapt with any success, because we were CONTINUALLY adapting and changing.  

And here we are, Labor Day weekend. Life is returning to normal.  We just came back from the aforementioned first camping trip - tale for another day.  I have a hard time calling it "camping" given that I grew up doing a ton of camping - with a TENT - gasp!  But, I digress...

Anyway, life is returning to normal, which of course, involves a 48 and a holiday and a family gathering or TWO.  Just as school is about to start.  And of course my FF is working 72 of the 96 hours, leaving it all in my lap.  So, assuming there are no burst pipes or broken bones - <quick, knock on the closest piece of wood you can find!!> I will actually enjoy this weekend.  Last minute touches on my syllabi for the coming week, dividing the kids' school supplies making sure that everyone has the correct number of wipes containers, waking up randomly at 3am because something popped into your head and you could not get back to sleep and decided to write a blog post for your sad and neglected blog, running from family gathering to family gathering...all on my own two feetsies...the very definition of Fire Wife Life.

This summer has defined Fire Wife Life...

...ever-changing, unpredictable, quit trying to control it and just go with the flow, doubting if you will ever actually see him again in anything but station navy blue, I just want him to come home, don't you have to go back to work soon...insanity at its very best...the new normal.

And truly, as much as I fuss about it, I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Stay safe this weekend, say a prayer that your FFs do as well - whether they are on the Rim or in the hood or just on call. Everyone, come home safe.  Happy Friday!
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