Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sometimes You Just Don't Know How Good You Have It

I must be one of those odd wives.  I like this schedule.  Mind you, three 48s back to back to back is a bit much, but overall I do.  And that was just reinforced this summer.  For the last five weeks my hubby has been out at the BIT (Bureau of Instruction and Training - the academy, if you will) teaching the health and wellness component.  And he did a great job.  But, he missed out on summer with the kids and we missed him.  He presented it as this amazing opportunity - he would be home every night.  

Yeah, the next he says that, remind me that it is not as good as it sounds.  

Between him leaving at the crack of dawn - which is not his favorite thing, me having to be the enforcer of the alarm - also not enjoyable, and the kids crestfallen faces when they wake up and realize that he has already left - which went away in the last few weeks, sad unto itself, I am just grateful to have him home.  The last few weeks had football thrown in the mix and this week felt we needed more excitement, cue the puking girls.  It will be oh so nice to get back to our insane normal.  I actually miss having him around.  (I will deny saying that if you bring it up with him in the room, mind you. ;) )

I got up this morning -without an alarm, but still earlier than everyone else, and one of the polar bears yelled at me for breaking the peace in the house.  He's right, we need it. And as I sit here typing, the sun has risen and there is an amazing breeze coming in the window and my FF is still next to me. We are done with the 40 hour weeks.  He goes back on shift Saturday. I may have to go to a FF gathering without him, with FFs and families I don't really know.  But, as he so aptly pointed out, not like I really have a hard time talking to people I don't know.  Or perhaps, that last minute trade will fall in his lap.  None-the-less, it will be a nice day. The kids will enjoy themselves.
When the fire world starts to appear in playtime,
I know the kids are missing Daddy.

When I was talking to my dad about this a few weeks ago, he welcomed me to the real world.  I don't like it.  I have not enjoyed my visit and I don't think I want to come back for a while.  I either want to have the exact same schedule as we did teaching or this whole 24/48 thing is good, too.  9-5 which is actually 5:30 - 5:30, you can keep.  I don't like the real world.  I will stick to the insanity that has grown so nicely on my soul.  I kinda like it.

Have some fun with your muppets and enjoy some time with just your FF if you can sneak it in.  I think mine might have talked me into a day at the park and a bonfire to celebrate Daddy being home.  
And I wouldn't have it any other way!
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