Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Could Never Be a FF

I know that for certain.  Not because of the physical aspects - I could train for that.  Not because of my fear of dying - I have overcome that before.  Not because of the heartbreaking scenes you see on every shift - I taught in inner-city public schools for 13 years, I have seen more than I can ever share.  I know I could not be a firefighter simply because I don't do politics well.  My mouth is too big, my temper to short.  I am the stereotypical hot headed redhead.  I would live a miserable life in a firehouse, possessing a quick-witted, but sharp tongue.  Combine that with my fiery disposition and you have an explosion waiting to happen!

I have tamed my temper as the years have gone by.  I have learned that I can't always speak my opinion.  I can't always fix what angers me with the world.  But some of the stories I have heard and the scenes I have witnessed, truly make my blood boil.  I can't believe some days, that these are grown men.  I feel as though I am dealing with the 8th grade, maybe the freshmen boys at work.  "Sorry, you can't eat at our with us today.  You switched your schedule and took that other class."   Even at the 9/11 memorial, which was so beautiful, this was evident.  I just can't stand it.  I demand more from my kids at work and here I find adults behaving so poorly, my kids would be offended.  I just don't have the patience for it.

This is not place to discuss specifics and I have been taught not to complain without a solution.  So, here is my solution - GROW UP!  Not everyone looks at the world with the same eyes you do.  Not everyone comes from the same places you do.  Focus on building everyone's skills and teamwork, just in case, God forbid, it should ever truly be tested.  That is so much more efficient that breaking it down.  I wouldn't want to go into a burning building with some of these comments going through my head.

That being said, my husband feels more fulfilled, even with some of these instances, than he ever did with 12 years in a classroom.  He feels he is making a world of a difference, one patient, one home at a time.  And that is why he does bite his tongue and work his arse off.  And for that, I respect him more than he will ever know.
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