Friday, September 16, 2011

Sometimes you have to take your own advice

And I am not always very good about that.

I use my blog as a venting source.  I can't continually fuss at my FF about how the housework always falls on me, how the parenting seems to fall on my lap, how, how, how...So, I use my blog.  Sometimes it gets read, sometimes people are only searching for pictures of muppets - true fact by the way.  Today, I shake my head at myself and sigh.

I am constantly on my hubby's case about how it is okay to just say NO sometimes.  He can't.  It is just part of his nice guy nature.  Leopards don't change their spots, he will never change.  BUT, now I have to hush up.  I am a sucker for two things - big brown eyes with a waggidy tail and teenagers who actually want to do some good with the world.

So, in addition to claiming stakes to the following titles - fire wife, mom to 4, teacher, department chair, K9 lead staff member, professional shopper, chef, vet tech, laundry maiden - you can now add junior class adviser and Key Club adviser.  My FF fully expected junior class adviser to come - I am one of the only teachers to have ALL the juniors, after prom last year - the kids flocked to me.  He saw this coming.  But, I got a stern lecture regarding Key Club.  Maybe it was a throwback to my college days in Circle K, maybe I just love that kids want to make a difference in the world around them.  I don't know.  See me in May, when I no longer have to worry about getting my hair thinned enough - I will have most certainly pulled it all out.  But for now, I am excited.

First job - wearing Junior Class Adviser - get the homecoming float built.  Somehow I have to get N dropped off in Illinois where they are building the middle school float and then come back up here to get the Junior Class float taken care of.  I am hoping to talk the parent in charge of the MS float into keeping N until I am done with the juniors.  BTW - I will have the other three stooges with me for the junior float building, because it is after all, a BLUE shift.  I just have to giggle and shake my head. So is the bonfire, the football game...Gotta love the blue shift.

Now, which hat am I supposed to have on right now...
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