Sunday, September 18, 2011


Two months ago we lost our Curly Q.  It broke my heart, but it does every time we say goodbye to one of our pack.  I think it hit Bear the hardest.  Curly was the one to show Bear the ropes, Curly was the one to play and wrestle with Bear, up until the very end.

Bear has bounced back and was feeling a little frisky.  Two weeks ago, we were outside.  Out of no where, he came running at me and swatted me in the back of the head.  As I turned around, Bear immediately dropped into  play bow.  He was ready to play!  J and I talked that night, it is time for another k9.  Willow is just too old and cranky for Bear.  Her hips hurt and she doesn't want to play anymore.  Bear needs someone.  So we called the rescue.

Carole and everyone at the Great Pyrenees Rescue of WI are just amazing.  She is so patient with these gentle giants.  We originally looked at a 9 month old female.  After some thought, we decided she might have too much baggage. With other dogs and kids, there were just too many risks involved.  So we looked at a pair of 8 month old brothers.  Unfortunately, they were as dopey as they were beautiful.  Bear told them "enough" and they just didn't get it. So, Carole suggested J look at Giovanni.

Giovanni is a 3 year-old.  He was part of a pack of 25 (can you imagine) in California.  He definitely had a guardian angel.  He got hit by a car, the same day that a group of traveling vets was coming to the annual check ups on the pack.  His rear right leg was dangling by just a tendon.  It was not good.  Giovanni allowed them to pick him up, no growling no snapping.  He was brought back to Madison by on of the vets.  She has rehabbed him personally since May.  Unfortunately, her apartment was just not big enough for this gentle giant and she turned him over to GPRW.  She is definitely one of the angels among us. She has given this beautiful boy his life and his confidence back.  His leg does not slow him down.

Here is the amazing part.  The other two pups, have accepted him like he has always been here.  All three are sleeping at my feet as we speak.  Bear is not feeling threatened.  Giovanni is feeling like he has a need to challenge.  Let's hope this continues.  This is exactly how things went when we brought Curly into our pack.  Maybe Curly sent us Giovanni.
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