Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It is never easy being the teacher's kid

My poor N does not like homework. LOVES school, hates homework.  Since he was in 4 year-old Kindergarten and was supposed to learn how to write, he has seen homework as beneath him.  "Mom, when I am a world famous paleontologist, my assistant will write everything for me."  I kid you not, out of the mouth of babes.  Not good when for the boy when your parents are teachers AND  your Daddy teaches in your school.  Fast forward seven years and he's a 6th grader in my building now, we are the Upper Campus (6-12).  He will be here, with me for another SEVEN years!  Email in my school email from a school teacher in my building yesterday evening...
N has some late math assignments.  They are: 
P. 145 - due today but he did not follow the directions and got them all wrong, so he decided not to hand it in and re-do it.
P. 136p. 101p. 68football line plots.  
If you could reinforce my message to get the late work in before Friday so I do not have to report on late assignments at conferences, I would appreciate it.
Sigh.  And since J has so much homework himself in PM classes, that leaves me to be the hammer. Double sigh.  In between brainstorming ideas for post-prom, grading papers, soothing my crying 3 year-old who hates school, making dinner because I forgot to put stuff for the crock-pot together, ugh.  Sigh again.
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