Friday, November 18, 2011

Tell Me What to Do!

You can fuss about me all you want on my FB page.  I DON'T CARE!  WE HAVE ANOTHER DEAD BABY FROM CO-SLEEPING!

Police investigating Milwaukee's 10th unsafe sleep death this year   

By Crocker Stephenson of the Journal Sentinel

The baby is at least the 10th Milwaukee infant to die this year while in an unsafe sleep environment. Seven of those deaths occurred while the infant was sleeping with an adult or another child.
Two babies died after being placed on an unsafe surface or in an unsafe position.
Another died while sleeping with his sister and his grandmother, Lisa Humphrey, who has been charged with giving the infant a mixture of morphine and oxycodone.
Two of the co-sleeping deaths have occurred since Nov. 9, when city officials vowed to reduce Milwaukee's infant mortality rate by 10%.
Officials also unveiled what has since become a controversial advertisment campaign that pictures a baby sleeping in an adult bed, a large knife tucked in the covers nearby.
"Your baby sleeping with you can be just as dangerous," the ad says.
The American Academy of Pediatrics says the safest way for babies to sleep is alone, on their backs, in a crib free of pillows, blankets, toys and other soft objects.
I can tell you right where this was taken.
Tell me to read up on safe bed sharing.  Tell me how RIDICULOUS I am being.  Tell me how ignorant I am. And I will tell you we lost another life.  

Tell me what to do.  Tell me how to fix this epidemic.  IT IS MAKING ME SICK! 

I can't go door to door and I don't think that would do it if I could.  Shock and awe ads have people talking, but they are all bickering like a bunch of clucking hens.  Instead of name calling, HELP!  SOLUTIONS PEOPLE, SOLUTIONS.  Real live action  plans. Education is a powerful tool, YEAH, I get it (I am a teacher, remember), but how do we educate??  Read this pamphlet?  Yeah, not gonna do it.  Lecture??  Yeah, that simply causes people to tune you out and then your message is totally lost. Trust me, we as high school teachers see it more than we'd like and have to remind ourselves. No more theoretical.  No more this doctor says I am right and you are wrong.  NO MORE.  

No more lost babies.  No more lost futures.  No more broken hearts.  No more Empty Cradles.

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