Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sorry, You Don't Get to Do That!

Great, you shared a bed with your baby and they didn't die. But what about those who did.  Just because your baby survived the game of Russian Roulette you are playing with her life, does not make it okay to promote it for others.  Wonderful, you bonded with your baby because you shared a bed.  So did I and they slept in a crib.  You don't get to tell me what a selfish lazy mommy I must have been.  You just DON'T!!

You don't get to judge me because I am actively pushing for safe sleeping in one of Milwaukee's poorest neighborhoods.  You DON'T get to call me a bad mommy because I let my babies develop the self-confidence to sleep alone.   YOU DON'T GET TO JUDGE ME!  Keep your malicious comments to your own Facebook page.  If you don't agree with the research and the stories on Pleasant Dreams, Sleep Tight, then move along sister, no one is keeping you here.  YOU DON'T GET TO CALL ME A BAD MOMMY BECAUSE I DID NOT BREAST FEED MY BABIES.  What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?  Obviously leaving them with out a mommy because I suffered ANOTHER 28 minute tonic-clonic seizure because I did not take my meds so I could safely breast feed my baby would be against AMA.  Oh yeah, my docs also frown on not taking my bp meds and aspirin...something about a heart attack or stroke or something.  Funny thing those prolapsed valves.  My children are all bonded to me, a bit more than I would like some days, like when I am grading papers and there are 2 on my lap smiling.  My super uterus brought my littlest into the world with a super cord, when conventional wisdom said the cerclage were NEVER hold so late in the pregnancy.  YOU DON'T GET TO JUDGE.   Yeah, you glowed through your whole pregnancy, once you got past the 'vaoprs' brought on by the first tinges of naseau.  Me, nope, I glowed from the violent vomiting for my entire pregnancies, oh wait, that was sweat and tears.  Zofran became my buddy and cut my hospitalizations by half once it was approved for OB patients.

We have a problem in Milwaukee.  BABIES ARE DYING.  Our infant mortality rate rivals that of developing countries and some third world countries.  Instead of calling me names, FIND A FRICKING SOLUTION!  Sorry you are offended by the ad campaign that came out this week.  GUESS WHAT?  As they were unveiling that ad campaign, firefighters were working on a 7 week-old who died from a  co-sleeping death.  How is that for tragic irony?  IT WAS A PREVENTABLE DEATH!  Stop judging, stop name calling and help.  If shock and awe saves a life, I am all for it.  As much enjoyment as you got out of posting that crap on my FB page, I got just as much out of it by deleting your post and blocking you from the page.  You are not helping anyone.  Be part of the solution, not a noisy clucking hen.

Google (or just click on the links) Milwaukee Infant Mortality rates or 53210 infant deaths or co-sleeping deaths Milwaukee and tell me what your great idea is to reverse this trend.  Make a difference, not a judgement.  You are not the Big Guy.  He will be the judge of me.  Get off your damn high horse and save a baby's life. 

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