Monday, June 18, 2012

Christmas on my mind

My husband will be thrilled when he comes home tomorrow and I tell him that I am already starting to plan Christmas.  I did a post last December about Christmas has changed for me as I have made my way through the various stages of my life.  Not necessarily the happiest of pieces, but instead very real and a bit raw.  I know some family members were bothered by it, but I felt better getting it off my chest.  

Today, in the 95 degree, no air conditioning yet heat, I have got Christmas on my brain.  It all started with the instant realization that the purple, silver and white theme I have had going on my Christmas tree would not really go well with my "Cut Ruby" red living room and I found myself a little bit crestfallen. (I know, grand scheme of things, it is pretty low on the totem pole.)  Partially because I love so many of those ornaments, but also because I was looking forward to Christmas again.  So, what do I do?  I head over to my new found addiction - Pinterest.  

I resisted for much longer than many of my friends, but I did indeed get sucked into it.  And I have actually used quite a few of the pins that I have pinned. It has not been a total day draining experience for me, I have shown some restraint.  But, today, it was definitely a morale booster.  It started out with me simply looking for easy DIY ornaments so I could incorporate some more red into my tree (which does indeed lend itself to the fire tree my husband has been coveting for a bit) and morphed into planning Christmas presents.  I have even started to plan the girls' present from Santa, that I am going to make.  It is rather exciting.  

So maybe, just maybe, Christmas really is back.  Maybe that love and peace and happiness I had 10 years ago, has found its way back.

ClosetMaid 9 Cube Organizer White.Opens in a new windowNow, I am off in search of a cheap 9 cube shelf .  Enjoy your day, stay cool. Throw some love and Popsicles at your kids and kiss your firefighters.   
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