Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pinspiration Has Struck Again

The Barbie World entered our lives this past Christmas and it appears it is here to stay.  She got the Barbies over Christmas and now the sets are starting to come.  She wants a house for her dolls now.  I am NOT going to spend $150 for a monster sized toy that she won't play with and it will take up a ton of space that my FF will remind me, everyday doesn't get played with.  NO FUN!  Instead, I started looking for an economical and space efficient alternative.  I found this AMAZING solution - making a Barbie house out of 3 ring binders.  How cool is that!

Here are the rooms all put together.
Photos from Southern Disposition

And here is a view from above.
Photo from Southern Disposition
And when the girls are done playing, simply close them up and put them away.
Photo from Southern Disposition

And every house needs furniture, but do you know how EXPENSIVE Barbie furniture is??!!  Legos and the big instruction manuals that allow the old toys to become new toys are looking SO much more attractive everyday!!  So, I found another amazing Barbie goddess - My Froggy Stuff.  If you  need to make any furniture for any size doll - her YouTube page is the site to use as your starting point.  This will be my next stage of the game. D got some furniture for her b-day. We have some gift cards and birthday money that D wants to use  for Barbie stuff.  I figure, I'll make what she needs after she has spent her money.

So, I have my binders, my ModPodge and my scrapbook paper.  I am going to ask my m-i-l if she could make the little binder clip curtains - what a great idea!! One room has its first layer of goop on it and away we go.  Wish me luck.  I don't expect my finished product to look as professional as my inspiration, but if the girls play with it, then life is good.

Here is what I accomplished yesterday.  As I said, not near as nice as the original inspiration, but I got the 10 year-old girl's stamp of approval from our neighbor last night.  It sill needs probably 2 more coats of Mod Podge, my new, dear friend, before it is ready to go.  And I will get this set up tonight so when the girls come home from grandma's tomorrow, they will be surprised!  I can't wait for them to come home!!
Bedroom - Barbie pink, of course.
Furniture is at home, seeing as the K9 units and I are are chillin'
at my dad's until the A/C is installed tomorrow

Living Room - hoping she'll BUY the furniture
for this room!

D has some furniture and it is a little cramped,
but how appropriate that art imitate life.

Kitchen - Hoping I get to make the appliances!

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