Thursday, June 21, 2012

Operation Barbie House is a Go!B

Now, I just have to sit and wait for my girls to get home.  My in-laws took them so that we could get the other house emptied and cleaned without tripping over a preschooler.  J LOVES it when kids are gone.  I do, too, until the next morning and then I miss them.  This time it was terrible.  I didn't tell my FF because he would just tease me.  I didn't call them, because that actually makes it worse.  I just kept busy - hence the binder house and stove - which I finished yesterday.

So, three hours or so, from now, my girls will be home.  They will be so excited, especially since this is a total surprise.  It was not something I told them I would be working on while they were gone.  Here are the pics from my phone.  I will try to get some pictures with my camera, when I have a little more control.  But, anyway, here are some pictures.

Barbie's first appliance - not bad for duct tape
and Pop-Tart box.  And never using a hot glue gone

Ken in the kitchen.  Two Broke Girls/Mr. Ed
reference with the horse in the window.

Barbie chillin' with her kitty

Bathroom - with Skipper and Chelsea 

Thanks again to Southern Disposition and My Froggy Stuff for the ideas and tutorials.  Please show them some love and check out their sites!  Hug your kids and kiss your FFs.  The weekend is almost here.
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