Saturday, June 16, 2012

We Survived the Move!

Barely, but we did.  My sanity is on the verge of extinction.  My lovely FF has worked - either on shift or at the Milwaukee Mile - 9 of the last 14 days.  (Sore subject, but I am trying to get over it.)  He can't see why I might be bothered by it - male vs. female, I guess.

I have yet to have every room put together at the same time, but I will have it by tomorrow - D's belated birthday party is upon us.  Today is the first day I have just sat.  The cable guy undid the satellite cables when he installed the internet, not good.  The fire family next door has meshed with our crew o' muppets AMAZINGLY.  I love the neighborhood.  I miss having flowers. The dogs have FINALLY settled in.  The foyer is the only space that needs to be painted.  My kitchen SO needs a new floor.  My stove needs to make it in from the garage, but first my firefighter needs to be here to reconnect the gas line - I hate this old electric stove!  My husband bought me a new dining set to replace the one Bear chewed up as a puppy.  I so missed having a dishwasher.  I realized I could survive a week and a half without the WWW, well on my computer, anyway. My hubby thinks this is his favorite house that I have "designed". (Interior decorator, I could never be!)  The boys love having their own space.  Our bedroom is a tad small, but I think it is going to be just fine. Same thing with our bathroom - has outdated blue tiling, but I am looking for a solution.  After today, I can spend less time putting rooms together, while putting out fires, making peace treaties, paying attention to my Muppets and just enjoy the time.

So, birthday party tomorrow, pics posted Monday.  Hubby home for a while after today's race.  

We'll see if my children survive...but, we'll see

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