Sunday, June 17, 2012

A New Fire Wife Blog

So, no internet for a week and a half, kinda takes you out of the loop on things.  I have missed out on some of the post of my favorite blogs, and I am not sure when there will be enough peace for me to get to all of them.  Ah, well. Such is life in the big city. (Dang!  My mother comes out of my mouth, even in cyber space!)  
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BUT, while I was gone, a new fire wife blogger left a comment on one of posts from last week.  So, in between load of laundry, I kicked the muppets outside and sat down and read her blog.  Her name is Brandi and her blog is Life Between the Tones.  She is a Volunteer Fire Wife, which is hands down the hardest job in the world.  At least I know, even if I don't see my husband this whole week because he is playing FF/PM at the race track during nearly all of his off days, vacation days and PO days over the last two weeks while we moved and got the new house settled, he will be there for D's belated birthday party tomorrow. (Yeah, a bit passive-aggressive, but I am allowed.  Better here than when he comes home, so I am okay with it. ;-) )  As a volunteer fire wife - that pager goes off, all bets are off as well.  THAT is a crazy world.  Talk about needing all of the support possible.

Brandi has been at this for about as long as I have, experienced enough that you can manage, new enough to still keep you on your toes.) So, give her some love, if you have not already started following her blog.  
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