Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas is here!

You heard of me trying to put up my tree early and all of the chaos that ensued.  I think that was my penance for breaking the "not before Thanksgiving" rule. Yesterday, officially being a week and a few days AFTER turkey day, we got the village up.  It was literally an all day, where did all those power strips from last year go, I think we need new snow kind of a day.  It took a few trips to the store and buying a fountain when I went for ornaments (it was $55 instead of $300, what was I supposed to do!) to get it done.  But, it is indeed up and looking beautiful.  The kids love it.  Hopefully the scat mats will keep the k9 tails and noses from making it look like Hurricane Giovanni has struck.

Our Downtown
The Neighborhood
The Municipal part of town - train station, firehouse, school,
police station, town hall, etc.

The Back Woods still needs to be put out.  The table legs still need to be covered.  But we knocked out a huge part of it.  I will post pictures that not of the quick cell phone variety once all is said and done.  I was just thrilled to have it look like Christmas.  Today - outdoor decorations.  It will be nearing 60, you cannot ask for a nicer day in December to do that.  Once everything is settled, I will indeed get some nicer pictures on here.  Look for it!

After 10 days off, my FF goes back to work tomorrow.  Amazing how quickly we become spoiled!

Enjoy the day, kiss your firefighters and let your muppets know how much you love them.
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