Sunday, May 19, 2013

A birthday, in a million photos or less...

See that big cardboard box, I didn't even try to wrap it.
We had beautiful weather for D's party.  The sun was shining, the breeze was nice.  Aside from one hiccup with the propane tank and the food all went smoothly.  Bouncing in the bounce house with friends, new roller blades and she has not stopped playing with Megara's new gear!! It created quite the buzz among the little people.  J was disappointed that she didn't totally squeal in delight.  But, my thought is that the proof is in the pudding, she hasn't stopped playing with it yet!  :D

The crowd moves in...

The experienced big girls helping her
get ready for her new roller blades!
We won't discuss the road rash on the back of her thighs,
after this happy pic was snapped.

Today was her actual day. She loved mass, I think  it was because of the sun coming through.  Breakfast after church for D's celebratory meal.  B and our neighbor were junior docents at the Art Museum. And then the exciting part of the day -D got her ears pierced.  It was a total surprise.  When we got to the store there was a huge range of emotions - utter excitement, apprehension and stoicism, shock and tears and finally pride - she was officially a big girl!  We took the pain away with the spending of a gift card at the Disney store and a Blizzard cone at DQ.
My awesome FF, holding my camera bag!
"The artist is unknown..."
Keeping it in the FF family, our girl from next door tells us about
her piece. 
All done at the MAM.
Sooooo bright!

Getting ready was okay, but you could see the
uneasiness creep in.
Yeah, not what she signed on for...

Those were not crocodile tears, my friends...
And a Blizzard from DQ makes it all better.

It is good to be seven. And it is good to be the mom when she turns 7. 
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