Friday, May 17, 2013

American Girl on a Firefighter's Salary - Part 3

Back down on the work bench,
in order to keep it from my nosy
girls!  Ugh!
I am finally done!  The armoire I told you about last week is finally done, the bed is done, all just in time for the birthday party tomorrow.  Hallelujah!  I did really cut it down to the wire, though.  I wanted to have the armoire done before I picked the kids up from school.  That meant I had to finish the last drawer in the car, while waiting for the kids to come out of school!  But, none-the-less it is done.  

My FF finished the addition to the armoire last night, so I could watch the season finales of Grey's and Scandal.  So sweet!  Megara has to have a place to put her boots, I mean, really! And then today, I put on the final touches - the contact paper (that wouldn't stick) the hardware, with one hinge that would not cooperate.  And now it is done.  I will post non-workbench pictures with better lighting once the Muppets are in bed.  There is a new outfit, complete with accessories, as well as a poodle skirt, courtesy of Fire Wife Elly.  So exciting!  I also believe Grandma is working on a blanket for Megara as we speak as well.  D will be so excited, I cannot wait for her to open them tomorrow!

I'm so glad we kept the mirror in!
I was almost ready to for get this and glue in a dowel!
Scotch Tape was my friend, holding the second screw in place for me!
Ugh, one more drawer to finish, but I have to go pick up the kids from school!
So, you take it with you and do it while you wait, instead of freezing
on the stairs with the other mommies!
Poodle skirt courtesy of the lovely Fire Wife Elly! 
Accessories and a new outfit!
New shoes, what a nice surprise!
Happy Friday, again!  The party is tomorrow.  I will add nicer pictures tonight, staged a bit less hastily. My FF is on shift - go figure, when there is cleaning to be done!  ;)  My dad is coming by to hook up my water to my fridge, I am so spoiled, having gone a week and a half without water from the door! And the weekend is officially upon us!  Enjoy the weekend and your FFs. 

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