Thursday, May 23, 2013

My FF came off shift with the most beautiful flowers.
Last weekend was Mother's Day.  We had a crazy few weeks.  But this was an amazing day.  My FF is not a card type of person.  Which works well, because I don't really need cards.  I much prefer the non-specific kind of affection as opposed to one dictated by my mother's labor or Hallmark.  You know, when the laundry gets done for me or he takes the kids away so I can grade papers or he brings home flowers because it is Tuesday.  That shows his love.  I am such an un girl.

But this Mother's Day was absolutely perfect.  We did not go to mass, that is a discussion for another time, but very much a thought out decision.  We did spend the whole day finishing up my front yard's landscaping. A few yards of dirt, weed-blocker, some Quik-crete, some solar lights and some river rock and you have one happy mom on your hands.  What else do you need?? It took all day, but I am thrilled with the results.  All of the muppets, as well as one from the other side of the compound pitched in. He is indeed a blessing to have around.  Now, I just have to wait for a sign that we are done with the frosts, and then I can get my flowers going!

Love those FF and muppets, they do indeed make the world a more beautiful place.
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