Sunday, May 5, 2013

What Happens When Momma Can't Check

I have been out of service for a couple of months.  I have been unable to do the stairs, carry anything (crutches get in the way of that) and so my FF has been left with enforcing the clean up zone.  After my blissful ignorance of my muppet's ability to step up and pitch in totally wore off, I bumped my butt down the stairs to the laundry room. To my shock there were probably 12-15 loads of laundry stacked as high as my shoulders.  My bunker was in shambles - food on the wrong shelves, on the floor, bags of chips that were popped open and now were snacks for Bear who accompanied me.  I could throw a fit, or guilt the heck out of my FF and kids or just take care of it.  I am neither as saintly nor as petty as any of that, so I did a combination of all three.

You would think that would give me a clue about what would be occurring on floor above me, but assurance of my people and that same blissful ignorance, led me to believe that things were getting taken care of, as everyone assured me (including my FF).

Yesterday, after tears from D when I asked her to quickly help her sister clean up their room and some quick math helped em notice I was missing several laundry baskets, I decided to head up there Thursday night.

Big mistake.

I took up the last two baskets of laundry in my house - nicely separated between the girls - and my head split open and a monster crawled out.  I think I started speaking in tongues and my people became very quiet.

Now, I know that this is not the first time I have fussed about this. I did it here. But, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  I have all the laundry put away and the last load is in the dryer as we speak.  Let me preface these pictures by saying that I asked the boys to help out the girls thinking that it would take less time.  So, there are no blameless parties.  I will also say that the FF could have taken my role and gone up there to play mommy and do it himself.  But, I need to remind myself that he is not a mommy and doesn't look at things the same way.

So, here are the images of what I saw when I got up there.
This was when they realized I was ACTUALLY
coming up to check - for the first time in 8 weeks!

There are the two baskets I brought up.  Those drawers - contained
socks, undies, name it.  And a glass on the vanity?
Hmmm, drinks are allowed upstairs??

There are the 5 baskets of laundry we are not discussing.
Notice the lack of curtain, yeah, it is the purple mass up on top
of the dresser in the previous picture.

Why, yes, that is a Brewers cup of Daddy's up in the girls' shoe box.
PS - there were undies in here, too.

I have NO clue where she slept...
or if her sister could actually pull out her bed.
I was LIVID when I got up there.  They worked silently because I had instilled the fear of Momma in them.  They worked until they went to bed.  Friday I did not do much, but sent them up there to "work" on their room.  Not much got accomplished.  I guilted Daddy into it on Saturday, but he was too overwhelmed and quickly called me in. 

We are now 27 hours into a clean bedroom.  It has survived a night and day of weekend play.  I found one sock stuffed where it did not belong, but quickly redirected O on that one.  Here is what their bedroom is supposed to look like.  Not quite Momma clean, but Momma is okay with this...

Giovanni was so worried that I had gotten into
the black hole of my girls' room that he braved
the scary stairs to keep my company. #tripawedpower

Not only can you see the floor, but I also found their beds!
Lots of room on the shelves for toys, when they are organized.
Not sure where Daddy was laying out their clothes all this time,
but I got them set out with room to spare.

Clothes are organized - tutus to the left, the boy costumes,
princess dresses and real dress-up/church clothes.
Oh yeah, and you can see their dresser tops.

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