Saturday, June 22, 2013

I'm preparing for some yelling

My FF's other fire truck
That is SO not what you want to hear as your FF is leaving for shift.  We are about to enter into the insane season.  You know, the time of the year where I kiss my husband good-bye and don't see him for days at a time, or only see him as he is dragging his tired rear end into bed - where he will promptly put on his CPAP and instantly fall asleep, leaving a trail of sweaty, stinky clothes from the door to our bedroom. We have a ton of 48s, most of which are sandwiched by days at the Mile.  I am preparing myself for the insanity.  There is no luxury of sending the kids to school or hiding in my classroom.  I am here with the muppets, alone for a huge portion of the month.  Love them dearly, but they are known to cause insanity.  In fact, that tidbit of scientific knowledge is tattooed on their underarms - surgeon general requirement to have said warning.

Anyway, he left.  I will see him tomorrow evening.  I know I will miss him.

I asked him to be patient with me in the next few weeks and his response was, "I'm preparing for some yelling."

Sucker punch to the stomach.

We don't fight often.  Usually it comes when he is gone - a lot.  Usually it is over mundane things - like cleaning the kids' rooms and/or laundry.  (I hate despise  And yet it has turned into solely my chore, leading to some, umm, some resentment perhaps.)  And he says I don't fight fair. <sigh>

I think too fast and he can't come up with a sassy comeback to match mine, so he shuts down.  We have had this discussion soooo many times.

I told him that I was making a conscious effort to NOT snap at him...but he would have to do laundry when he was home.  He agreed, but we'll see.

So, wish me luck. 

Try to stay dry if your weather is anything like ours, laugh with your muppets and smile at your handsome FF, just like you did when you started  dating.  It makes for an enjoyable way to start the day.

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