Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Isn't it always the way?

My hubby put in for OT today.  It is his PO and he would have loved to have a day just to sleep and be and...anything but be at work.  But, OT is good money and you are given first preference when you have a PO.  So...when he calls and forgets his sunglasses...and you are out and about anyway, you take him what he forgot.  I think it is part of the terms of the contract when he takes OT. But, it has been an easy OT shift.   

From my end, it is kind of nice.  We got to sit, without children climbing on daddy or the rigs and chit chat.  He's in a good mood because for once he is not running his tail off.  

Until of course I get there.  As I said, we sat in the bay...and five minutes into our visit there was a quick kiss good-bye...

I follow them out of the neighborhood.  

Ah well, my muppets were probably going through withdrawl.  I had been gone an entire half an hour, after all.
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