Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Honey's Labor of Love

Significantly taller than the
commercial.! :)
My FF has been working on the yard for over a month, all for me.  Mother's Day was spent getting the front of the house to look like someone lived here, as opposed to the emptiness that came with us removing the old hedges.  :D  I am SO thrilled with how it has turned out!  We have the perennials planted, the hostas in place, the arbor with the clematis (that I am reminding myself will come back SO beautifully next summer! The Flower Tower is totally stolen from the Home Depot commercial, except I used impatiens in place of petunias - 100 of them!  On the side of the house I have daylilies and hostas that friends have given us when thinning out their gardens.  
A downpour kind of a day in May!
Getting it around to the front
required a furniture mover.
Final placement...
And it is filling in quite nicely if I do say so myself!
Here are a few of the other updated pictures...I am so pleased with the progress we have made.  And so proud of my FF being able to make my vision come to life!

I ALWAYS have a red, white and blue petunia bed with my Eiffel Tower.  So exciting!

My FF HAD to have this arbor...I was indifferent.
But I think it really completes the look nicely.
Reclaimed street pavers from the early 20th Century.

My perennials are coming in oh so nicely.
I should have turned on the fountain when taking the pictures...

O's Grasshead...or one of them.
St. often as I lose my keys, my phone...
my mind...

 And then there was the week long process of getting our patio in place.  
It was a family affair.  N was helping Daddy
load up the retaining wall blocks that were
going to be used for the border.
My FF and his BC busting up the back porch
and  walkway...

A FF, a Lt. and BC walk into a Home Depot...
This was a mess!
It has to go somewhere...

If you look carefully on the "Concrete Only" dumpster,
the sign on the right states that NO concrete can be tossed in here.
So...we called "Gravel Making Materials"
Where else does a big white fluffy dog lay, during all of this?
In the big pile of brown dirt, of course!
The trench is dug...

Poor Daddy, trying to get the traffic bond in place.
The girls' Zen Garden...

After being on our hands and knees with the PaverLink. 
And the pay off - but Daddy was on shift, so I was lazy.
Tombstone it is!
Thanks for taking in my summer vacation slide show, here.  I know there were a million bazillion pictures.  But, I have to brag, because he did it all for me. It truly is a labor of love!

Love those muppets, work on keeping your marriage FireStrong and yourself an amazing wife.  Happy Humpday!

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