Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sometimes it is the simple things

Mass, first time with a/c.  After the million dollar plus renovation, the air is in place and was on.  An the kids complained.  After last summer, I am thankful.  

Breakfast, cinnamon rolls and milk around the island, just me and the muppets.  

Pups chillin' in the backyard, Giovanni was in his hideaway, napping until I opened the window to take a picture.  

Kids are in their swimsuits waiting for the all clear to run through the sprinkler.

Even though the hubby is still working, it is an amazing day.  And there is nothing extraordinary about it.  No Disney World or Sea World.  But, yet there is something magical about this.  

Soon, they will all go their separate ways and we will be a destination, as opposed to a daily part of their lives.
This pic BLEW UP my FB page.
D DOES have a swimsuit on - it is a pink sparkly suit.
I swear she is not streaking in the front yard!

Sometimes it is the simple things that we surround ourselves with.  Sometimes we just have to make our own magic.

Get off your computer.  Go find your FF or your muppets and go make some magic.  They are here, now with you.  Take advantage of it.

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