Thursday, March 22, 2012

I know, I know...

I know he's busy.  I know he is at the 2nd busiest med house in the city.  I also know he is tired and so he needs his nap in the morning.  I get all of that. I really do.  

But, seeing as his med house is so busy, we don't get to talk for a few minutes at night.  My texts go unanswered, but that is how he always is!  And yet, we still have some last minute plans with the kids that need to be worked out.  

I just wish he'd answer his phone before I get called out of my meeting because my husband did not pick up the kids.  <sigh> I love firewife life most days, just not today.  Think a carrier pigeon could make its way into my bedroom window???  Just trying to think outside the box!  Any ideas on getting a hold of your FF hubby who probably has his phone on vibrate, down on the dining room table?

Happy almost Friday!
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