Monday, March 5, 2012

Perspective, Reminders

I can't sleep.  I have been up since 3am.  I read the newspaper, created a powerpoint for class, checked my Facebook and here I am creating another post.  I don't often write ahead of time.  Usually, just as the spirit moves me, but this one I might just let cook a bit.

Wisconsin lost a firefighter, just a few hours away.  Another card I have to send, but this was little closer to home.  Details are still coming, we know it was a FF from Colby on a Mutual Aid call and three others were injured.  It sounds like he was on an interior crew when the roof, collapsed, but my hubby is still sleeping, so I can't bounce that theory off of him.

But, the questions...was he married, did he have kids, was he a he?  All popping through my head.

Most importantly, the reminder.  Being stuck doing the laundry, I am okay with it, as long as my FF comes home to me.  Appliances dying on me while he is on shift, well, he will eventually be home for me to fuss at.  Kids puking on the Blue shift, eventually the Red will come and he will take over for me.

But, for this firefighter's family, that is no longer the case.  One less firefighter walking through the door, needing to sleep all morning to recover from a long night of constant calls for minor things that could have waited.  One less firefighter walking through the door to joyous cries of happy children.  One less firefighter coming home to a cranky spouse because everything that could have gone wrong, did, while they were on shift.

One Less Firefighter...

Rest in Peace.  Please know that the rest of the fire community mourns your loss, along with your family, even though we don't even yet know your name.

I guess maybe I won't let this stew...
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