Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Think I May Have Dropped the Ball

We had a recent day of CRAZINESS with car crashes.  Shutting down two different sections of Interstate for hours.  Calls for Flight, multiple times.  Shots fired.

My FF sent me a text that asking if I had heard anything about the accident.  His questions were vague.  Since it was all texting and he could not chat, we both misinterpreted the discussion at hand.  It was not until last night, in bed, that all the pieces came together.  Brain matter, bloody uniform and all.

I dropped the ball.  I didn't understand what he was getting at with the questions.  At one point I didn't even know which of the multiple accidents he was talking about.  I think he needed to talk, but didn't want to force work on me yet again.  I was enjoying the fresh air with the kids.

And I totally missed it.

I feel horrible.
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