Monday, September 17, 2012


We have been back to school,  going on 4 weeks. 

Let me give you a break down of my day...
  • Up at 4:30am, get kids up at 5am.  
  • Kids eat breakfast and we are out the door by 5:50am.  
  • Arrive at school 6:30-6:40am.  Get some last minute stuff done.
  • Take 3 little muppets to the Lower Campus 7:05am.
  • Return to the Upper Campus 7:15am
  • 7:16am lonely high schoolers are at my door looking for love and attention
  • 2:50pm school day ends.
  • 3:15pm Pick up 3 stooges from Lower Campus, leaving my oldest in my classroom - doing homework - so he can be to football practice on time.
  • 4:15ish pm back at home.  Feed  the K9 units.  Hug the neighbor kids.
  • 5-5:30pm dinner.
  • 6:15pm leave to pick up my Charles Woodson in training.  (My AMAZING fire wife gal pal next door keeps the 3 stooges for me when FF on shift, which seems to be all the freaking time!  Sometimes she even showers them for me!  Ummm, AMAZING!)
  • 7:00pm arrive at school for the "end" of practice.
  • 7:15ish pm practice is really over.
  • 8:00ish pm get home, feed mini-Woodson and toss him in the shower, go grab muppets and toss them into bed.  Hug my FireWife for saving my butt, yet again.
  • 8:30pm check mini-Woodson's homework - to see if he REALLY did it while hanging out in my classroom.  Send him to bed.
  • 8:45pm Inappropriate snack.  Load dishwasher for 4 hour delay.  Throw in a load of uniforms to the washing machine to make sure my kids don't smell the next day.
  • 9:00pm - lesson plans, grade papers, create PowerPoints/Prezis.
  • 11:15pm prop eyeballs open to finish the last three papers.  Coax the K9s to wake up and come to bed with me.
  • 11:25pm Catch the last of Leno so I can try not to think as I drift off.
  • 12 Midnight, hopefully asleep.
  • 4:30am - REPEAT!!
So, ugh, yeah.  Dusting.  Cleaning windows.  Vacuuming.  I try and fit it in on Saturdays.

And my house has EXPLODED!  I am able to keep the community areas clean.  The living room is presentable.  You could come in and I would be okay with it.  Not how it would be if I knew you were coming.  I got the kitchen back under control.  Floors need some attention, but it is okay.  Dining room and bathrooms - both okay.  My bedroom - yeah, about that.  There is a box of knick-knacks from his Grandparents that his mom was nice enough to bring down, a box with more of my shoes needing a home.  4 or 5 baskets of laundry that need tending to.  My bed is so not made.  My dresser and dressing table.  Yeah, we won't discuss that.  My girls' room.  I would have to take a picture for you to believe that.  You cannot see the floor and I have no clue what clothes are clean and what clothes are dirty.  Boys' rooms - if they would spend 10 minutes on theirs, they would be just fine.

The text I sent to my FF this am - 5:42 am - You might want to clean the girls' room before I do it and you have an angry resentful momma on your hands because I had to do it again. Just sayin'.

Poor guy.  BUT, that was the agreement.  He would take over the housework that I could not keep up with once school started.  After all, he gets to do it with NO CHILDREN IN THE HOUSE!  I did it all summer with SEVEN of them running in and out and in and out.  You would think it would be easy.  But, that has yet to happen.  In his defense, he did turn our 2 1/2 car storage unit back into a garage, which was pretty amazing. But that was two weeks ago...

So, if you don't hear from me for a bit...I might have been sucked into the black abyss that is my girls' room. Think I will come home to it looking like this??

Probably not.  All about Daddy clean vs. Mommy Clean.  Guess I know what I will be doing...<sigh>
Hug you kids and kiss your FFs.  Happy Monday!
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