Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Unheard Voice

I am really starting to feel that my voice is not loud enough or that I speak a totally different language than everyone else.  At home, with my kids, with my students, with my department.  I know clearly that my pipes are working just fine.  I am well aware that I am not the quiet one in the group.  Emails are being ignored. 

Meet me by the parking lot door in 10 minutes so you can let me back into the building after I pick up the other three stooges -  ignored. Sitting with my feet up on my desk because the bell rang and my lovely 16 and 17 year-old babies need to all finish their conversations, even though I have made it ABUNDANTLY clear that I would like to start class - Ignored.  Help with lifting the laundry, even though I no longer have my last 2 discs due to blowing them out delivering my first born child - IGnored.  Can you wipe down the kids' lunch boxes so I can go to the auxiliary meeting tonight after feeding your children because you have a cold and need another nap and volunteer to make 12 cookie cakes for you and your brothers during fire prevention week - IGNored.  Can you put this box of stuff that belonged to your grandmother away so I can not trip over it as it blocks my path to the bathroom at 4:30am so I can get your children up and out of the door before 6am because you did not want to look at a district without residency restrictions - IGNOred.  Open up EverNote, add the title of the video so you have notes to work on for the essay tomorrow - IGNOREd.  Hey, do you mind meeting at 12:30 instead of 2:30 so I can get you all home to your families sooner - no response.  IGNORED?  Well, I was going to meet with my husband for lunch...I might be 15 minutes idea if he even got friend wanted to meet for lunch...


I quit.

I'm done.

ignore away...just don't ask my where your uniform is or for an extension or how to write a lesson plan or what time the meeting is at or where we are supposed to meet or if I can pick up something from the grocery store or if I can braid your hair or take you to football or give you a ride home or talk to your girlfriend or take you to the park or deal with the kids on another 48 or ...or ... or...

Because I won't hear you.

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