Friday, September 21, 2012

I am Conceding Defeat

It is time. I am done fighting.  FF argued with me about this on Monday and I totally blew him off.  I am NOT sick.  I am a mom.  I am a teacher.  I am a firewife.  We have no weaknesses.  I am 10 foot tall and bullet proof.  Even though HE spent a week sleeping this virus he brought home, I would CARRY-ON!  I have fought through it since last Wednesday afterall.

From a panel in Action Comics Annual #10, 2007.
Yeah, clearly, one of my mischievous high schoolers who claim to love me, snuck in the tiniest sliver of Kryptonite.   And I am now officially sick.

I quit once I rubbed my eyes and it pushed green slime out of various orifices.  So gross.  My white flag went up.

And somehow, my FF was home!  That never happens! So, I'm taking advantage of it.  He is taking the muppets to school for me, dropping off my sub plans, picking up some tissues.  

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My desk a few days ago.  I was FIGHTING!
I think I will call in one of my IOUs for all the times I have taken care of him. I will let him take care of me today, esp since he is back on shift tomorrow. 
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