Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Comfort food

Saturday night/ Sunday morning was a rough one for my firefighter.  8 runs between midnight and the time he called me at 7:15, with the tones going off for a MVA while we were on the phone.  He had a PNB (pulseless non-breather) which is is how he ALWAYS seems to start his Sunday mornings, without fail.  It was just one of those nights that got to him.  

He called to say he would not be making it to mass.  We came home, I changed and gave him a kiss welcome home and quickly shooed the muppets outside so he could sleep.

As I looked at my house, which by the way seems to have EXPLODED since I went back to work <sigh>, I decided to see what I could do to make the night before a little less taxing.  My husband really loves two things - his family and his food.  :)

Comfort Food it is!

BBQ Ribs, baked potatoes, apple pie, corn on the cob.

That and some laughs with the fire family next door and some Jeremiah Weed and lemonade seem to make it all better.

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