Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I am clearly not getting enough of it.  I am starting to feel that pressure under my eyes and that drag in my step that comes when my candle is running out of wax.  BUT, I have a master of sleep in my midst.  Any time, any where.  Out like a light as long as all movement ceases, that is.

Just because...

After Swimming at her Brother's bday party

Because Mass was early

There was a lot of walking at the fair

waiting for fireworks is BORING

This was my classroom yesterday.  Daddy thinks it looks like a crime scene photo.

Time outs in the dining room really wear a girl out.

So, as you can see, O can literally sleep anywhere.  She "does not need a nap", just ask her she'll tell you.  But I think that is because she sneaks these catnaps in when the whirling tornado that she is, is told to STOP (collaborate and listen) for a moment in time.  Recharges her batteries and away she goes.  Think I can sneak one of these in during my prep??

Kiss your FF, love your muppets - especially when they are sleeping.  They are so adorable at that point in the day.  

Happy Hump Day!  Almost there!
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