Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hurricanes have nothing on these girls

I have really tried to make all of the kids pull their weight around here.  The chore charts work beautifully.  It is part of being a family - everyone pitches in. Except when it comes to the girls' room.  That is simply a federal disaster area - EVERY BLOODY DAY.  My honey-bunny told me not to worry about it this weekend, he would take care of it.  "Take care of it" = send the boys in to "help" the girls clean their room.  Yeah, it got daddy's stamp of approval last night and I breathed a sigh of relief.

This is what started it all.
Can you even see the contact paper
I worked soooo hard to get the
wrinkles out of??
That changed with the sharp inhale that came about me when I sent D up to bring me all their headbands and ponytail holders. I made an oatmeal can covered in contact paper for barrettes and ponytail holders inside and headbands on the outside.  (Really a great idea - thank you Pinterest!)  She came back with 1 headband and 2 ponytail holders.  Now, that did not really cause the sharp inhale, that would occur once I went up to hunt for all of the hair thingys my girls suddenly did not have.

Bear found the only clean spot - under the bed.
Notice the book coming off D's bed.

Giovanni much more content to sleep on the edge of O's bed,
with D's there to catch him since there was SO
much JUNK on O's bed.
All of the "cleaning" my kids did the night before was more of a "stuff and hide everything in whatever container possible" expedition.  It took me four hours to undo their cleaning!

I am not exaggerating.  There was a nudists' beach of dolls that must have run wild 
last night - Strawberry Shortcake, Disney Princesses and Barbie and her commune all naked with their "stuff" EVERYWHERE.  Dirty underwear shoved in the dish drawer.  Dress up clothes stuffed into the foot locker for shoes, hats and boas.  I was gone so long cleaning, the dogs came up to join me.  The only clean spot for Bear was under O's bed.  The only reason that was clean is because D's bed is a trundle.  Gio managed to take his three legs up over all the junk spewed everywhere and took a spot in the disheveled mound o' stuffed animals - with random other toys and dirty clothes shoved in them to expedite the cleaning process. 

Drawers totally organized.
I was on a rampage.  Not only did the floor get cleaned, but the shelves were organized and I sorted the drawers o' toys.  Little People are back in the Little People drawer, food back in the food drawers, doll house people and furniture in their drawers.  The books were amazingly neat - I think that is where the problem originated.  Books got put away first, meaning they read every single book that was out and time got away from my crew.  When the end was drawing near, it was known that Daddy would be inspecting, hence the stuff in the nearest - bag, drawer and bucket.

And now the question is, will it last?  Silly mommy.  Four babies later.  You know the answer.

Little girl toys and WAY too many shoes -
can you believe that bottom shelf!!??

Dress up clothes BACK on hangers, tops of dressers found.

Books and big girl toys - there
are 2 crates of books and 4 bags.
Only bag out at a time and they
can mix and match as they go.  Every 6 weeks or
so I switch crates and bags of books.

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