Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Little Slice of Heaven

From earlier in the season when they played each other...
It was indeed heavenly.  My classes were all beautiful.  My FF brought the boys up to the high school for chess practice.  He also took our youngest with him when he went to go work out while D was in judo class.  They all got fed before I even thought about coming home.  Ahhhhh, I cold get used to this.
This is its own little state of chaos.

While the boys were in chess I was going to organize the shelf behind my "desk".  It is in a sad, sad state at the moment.  Instead, I crashed a study session going on with one of the newer teachers in my department for a bit.  He in turn came back and bugged me, during which time we solved all the ills of the educational world.  Until the boys got done with chess. 

Sounds very ordinary, but here is where it gets good.

Usually Mondays and Thursdays are a bit looney. We have chess and judo, every week both days J usually drops off our youngest when he drops off the boys.  That means there is no chance of getting anything done.  Today, he took her along.  AND the stars aligned.

It was also one of the two Mondays a month that the boys also have youth group.  

Usually these Mondays are shift days - meaning...I run out of the building with the kids to sweep up all the muppets and D's judo bag.  I drop the boys off at the high school, fight traffic to get to the exact opposite side of town (hoping there is no accident or I choose the right portion of the freeway f or volume), drop off D with my dad (who is gracious enough to feed her), grandpa sneaks a snack to O, we hop back in the car, come back down to our side of town, grab the boys from chess and swing over to the Basilica drop the boys off for youth group.  Come home, throw some food at O, run back to the Basilica and grab the boys and finally hurry home - feed the boys, shower O and wait for my dad to bring D home.  After I get them all fed, showered, and in bed...I eat and grade papers...hoping the drool dries by morning.

You can see that they are hectic nights.

Last night...was ...AMAZING.

Since J took O with him and the boys had Youth Group, that meant that I had an hour and a HALF. TO. MY. SELF.

I took shower.

I bragged about it on FB...all females in the 'Like' and comment section...until the other FF on my hubby's engine piped up with a "Thanks for sharing" snotty remark.  
People are always bugging for a
picture of me with no make-up.
Here ya go...

It was all good - because it came AFTER my shower.  You know, the shower where I got to condition my hair AND shave my legs.  The shower where Pandora was BLARING, playing from my S4.  The shower where even the dogs simply slept in the living room.


After I was able to take my time brushing out my freshly conditioned hair, I reminded said FF that he has ONE school-aged child...who is, oh I don't know, in SCHOOL when he comes off shift.  For him, a shower is just a shower.

Me, quadruple the kids - make 2 of them younger girls - and have them home when I am home.  Up, when I am up.  I turn that shower on at 5am and it is a glanging gong of an alarm clock, waking up my little muppets.  There is no time.  AND, do you think they wake up daddy to get some breakfast because they are hungry??  NOPE!  That would be rude, so they whimper at me which wakes up the boys.  NOW, you have a teen and preteen boy each causing their own form of havoc with their sisters...in the 7 minutes I tried to sneak in a shower just to wash the grime off.  (I am with teenagers all day, ya know)  Shift showers...are mythical events, I don't think they actually exist.

I may have reminded said firefighter of the difference and went back to my recliner, in my fuzzy fleece pj pants with my soft fur lined slippers and watched grown up TV until daddy came home with the monsters Muppets... I got a spa day, the rest was just details.

Have a great day!  Prepare for the next polar vortex.  Laugh with the Muppets and laugh at your FFs...just make sure he's not looking. ;)  Sending love and warm thoughts your way...
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