Saturday, January 4, 2014

I Am Not Naked Anymore!

Okay, that sounds bad!  That sounds really bad.  I swear, I am not a streaker!  But, I did get my wedding ring back!

I have been without it in March.  After I broke my ankle, the snow did not stop.  Wet dogs defrosting make for slippery floors.  Crutches don't really care for wet floors and rather than putting my foot down, I threw my crutch down and stopped myself with my hand - jamming my finger pretty good.  That led to a swollen finger and dangit - I couldn't get my ring off.

My FFW next door is an ICU nurse and has a trick with lotion, silk thread and some faith, trust and pixie dust.  Unfortunately, she was not home.

And of  course it was a shift day.

So, after my finger started to turn blue, I took my broken self to the Park and asked the truck Captain if he would cut my ring off.

They all felt horrible...and so did I. 

It took forever because there are 4 bands and I thanked them as the tones went off and  they scurried out of the firehouse.  And cried all the way home.  I took them donuts in the morning because I was so thankful to still have my big, fat, swollen finger.

And it has been forever it seems since that day.

I took my ring into several places and the estimates for all around $500.  Which isn't that much, but it really is.  It could go for so many other things like, groceries, birthday and Christmas gifts, car repairs.  <sigh>

I looked into redesigning event, but there was no way I could pull the trigger.

And then my FF looked into the place where I got my diamond upgraded.
Now, I have not been back to that store in years, it was an odd separation. I broke up a fight at work and my main stone was the biggest casualty of that fight - snapped it right off the ring, platinum setting and all.  I searched the halls and  begged the janitors to keep their eyes open - all to no avail.  The  jewelers replaced it and  life went on.

And then, in the next fall, I pulled out my sweaters and there it was - snagged on the sweater I must have been wearing that day.  So, what do you do?  You have this big diamond, that you won't have spare change for again...for QUITE some time. I had two other diamonds for an anniversary ring, it could work. Well, we took  it into the jeweler... and returned it.  Like fine upstanding citizens. Our regular salesperson was not there, so we worked with whomever was there. And we were treated like crap.  "Why did you actually return this?"  WOW!  We thought we doing what was right, what we SHOULD be doing and this is how you treat us??  I was shocked!  And I have  never walked back in.

Well, my hubby was obviously tired of me looking at my hand, longingly and for Christmas, he had it fixed for me - at the same store we walked out of all those years ago.  My FF explained the situation and they had it in their records, saying  that NEVER happens.  And they were going to make it right.

Tonight, he called me and said that my ring was in.  All I needed was the claim slip...which was in his wallet... at the firehouse.  And tomorrow we have Christmas with my FF's family.  Well, I waited this long, what's few more days.

Yeah, right.  You all know me better than that.  We called and I was able to pick it up with just my driver's license. Away I went.

And here I am blogging about it.  Oh, so happy to not be nekkid anymore.

Now, the real question is - are you guys ready for me to be back?  Three posts in three days!  I don't know. 
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