Friday, January 31, 2014


I love Fridays.  I always have.  When I was a kid, it meant we went out for dinner, unless my dad's bowling league was on a Friday night.  Then it meant I went up and marked score for the guys, who showered me with chocolate and Coke.  That is probably the one area where I think technology sucks - automated scorers, but I digress.

I love Fridays even more as a grown-up.  Teaching high school makes for a long week. And Friday means we made it and it

I love them even more than that when a shift day falls on a Thursday.  Mondays and Thursdays are crazy.  The boys have chess (practice one day, tournament the next) and D has judo.  Luckily, I am blessed to have an amazing FFW neighbor (or in yesterday's case, her FF) who drops my boys off at the high school when they have chess tournaments on a shift day.

But that is where my easy day ends, when Thursday falls on a shift day.  I have to run out with my kids at work - dodging completely unaware teenagers and frighteningly inattentive school bus drivers, swing back to my neighbor's house, grab my girls.  Run to the house, grab the judo bag, fight rush hour traffic and head north to my dad's house on the exact opposite side of town...probably about a 45-55 minute drive.  My dad feeds the girls for me. I take a quick potty break (Sorry if it is TMI, but it is significant because it usually the first time since 5am I have had the chance.)  Grab the little one, bring her back down to Bay View, where the boys' bus has usually returned from their tournament...after another 45 minute tredge through bumper to bumper traffic in the slippery (don't think it is time for spring, yet) snow.  Only to have them yapping for food because their snacks have lost their staying power and it is almost 7pm.


Last night I was struggling to keep my eyes open for grandpa to bring my judo girl home.  I zonked on the couch.

I was up before 4 this AM, got some paperwork done for school.  And the day began.

We got out early enough to stop at Starbucks, where I paid for my FFW's Chai when she came through AND I got everyone to school on time.

Tonight, Friday is upon us!  My hubby's engine company is having their holiday get together.  I get to pretend to be a real live grown up for one more time.  WOW, two weekends in a row!

So, stay warm, be sure to enjoy a piece of your weekend.  Love on those kids and snuggle with your FFs.

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