Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Sometimes I just need change.  My FF has learned to accept it.

Sometimes it is furniture, sometimes it is schools, sometimes it is my hair.

This time it was my hair.  I just decided that I needed change.  

That was last week.  My FF was on shift, I made the appointment for his next shift day.  That way he needn't know until I was done. Because I was planning drastic change.

But of course...the best laid plans...and I had to switch it to a day earlier.  Which meant I had to have the FF help with the kids and then he knew.  Which meant he wanted to see.  

When I got home, he was still at judo with our daughter and he started demanding a picture. I had made a HUGE change.

I take horrible selfies.  

His response was to tell me that it looked Old Lady-ish.

Ugh.  Not what I wanted to hear.

I cut off 15 inches and colored it a color that made people think I was a mistress - at the department holiday party.  Awkward.  

So, me, the non-girly one who took a HUGE risk with her hair, was told by her husband that she looked Old Ladyish.

And he heard about it all night long...

But, he loved it when he got home. I still reminded him that I was an old lady, apparently. 

And he couldn't stop gawking.  I love it, I shocked the heck out of my kids at work on Friday and even more so at the department party Saturday night...as they were wondering who my FF brought with him to the party.  I will say, I enjoyed the laugh a bit. ;)  

So, today, my FF is on his way home from his coldest shift ever.  (I will be happy when he quits breaking that record.) My muppets are still in bed, enjoying their unexpected 4 day weekend.  And I am starting to truly accept that change is not something to fear, but to embrace.  Whether it is your career or your hair, change is part of life.  Embrace it and make it your own.

For now, I will snuggle the cold away, preparing for my new semester starting tomorrow and embrace the changes that it will bring!

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