Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hell Has Frozen Over...

and so has Milwaukee.

I come to you, in my flannel PJs, with my snowflake flannel sheets and a polar bear on one side and a sleeping fireman on the other.  All in an effort to stay warm.  

Please note, I do not usually fuss about cold weather.  I did not don a jacket once yesterday - it was a balmy 29 degrees.  I am aware that it is winter in Wisconsin, as reminded from my high school doubles partner...from HAWAII!  I get all of that.  

But, when the air temp never sees 0, much less the right side of zero and polar ice caps have sent their winds our way, a-howling  and the snot in your nose freezes upon entry into the outside world, it is freakin' cold.

I am truly okay with the cold weather.  It got me an extra day of vacation. In spite of the fact that it stole a day of education from my classes.  But what I am upset with is it also stole a Packer Play-off Game from me.  Tickets were as good  as mine.  FOUR of them.  But, that Paramedic masquerading as a firefighter that got my pretty carbon laced handcuff beautiful wedding rings fixed, so I can't be mad at him for a month, was being all logical.  Something about the fact that I  have been sick for a month and I just stopped hacking up a lung and...well, I don't remember the rest.  He started speaking Charlie Brown teacher-speak.

But, I digress...

Truth of the matter - it is going to be cold.  Cold as Hell...Michigan.  I don't envision the other locale having heating concerns.  Stay warm.  Check on your neighbors, check on your pipes.  But, a word of caution, I would be sure to ASK PERMISSION before checking your neighbor's pipes...I don't any sexual harassment suit coming back my way.  Make sure your FFs are warm.  

I caught the ninja girl on "film".
Improve she must.
We spent two hours scouring the southside of Milwaukee for more cold weather stuff for J's shift tomorrow.  Mind you that was after my FF was late getting off shift.  (But, I can't be remotely mad - a 92 year-old nun at the convent broke her hip and my FF made sure she was good to go.  Prayers for you Sr. Mary.) And we drove up to his folks for Christmas - which had already been delayed by snow once.  So, we're talking 7pm - the day before a FREEZE YO' A$$ OFF PLAY-OFF GAME.  So, ya, I could have done this Friday when he was on shift.  Being all firewifey and stuff, but A) I didn't think about it, B) I was watching Dr. Who with the muppets and C) it was cold out.  (But, you will notice, I braved the cold for my ring.  There are priorities!)  Instead, we were scouring the empty shelves.

After some time, we found cotton and wool - got some of each,  I also made him grab more wool socks and he replenished his pocket warmers.  He always keeps enough for his crew with him.  

Stay warm.  It is going to be cold. Someone's heat is going to go out.  Poverty being what it is, the landlord will get to it and in the mean time alternative methods will be used and there will be some crazy gazillion alarm fire - because it is cold.  And hopefully I have deterred Murphy and his law from stopping in Milwaukee, because I made him add to his greater alarm bag.  AND I'm going to nag him about wearing his thermals to begin his shift tomorrow.  I stayed home from the Packer game because of his concern, he can stay warm  on shift because of mine.

Stay warm.  Kiss your FF.  Snuggle with your muppets.  Be safe.  GO APCK GO!

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