Saturday, October 1, 2011

Can I Wish My Crabbiness Away, Please??

Okay, I am going to apologize.  My washer died two weeks ago.  We just spent $1200 in late spring for it.  You know the high end front loader that does everything but transfer it to the dryer.  We also got the dryer to match.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  Here I am a few months later and it is dead...well more like on life support.  If there are weights around the drum, one has shifted.  It is HORRIBLY loud and can't get into its high spin.  A load of laundry will take me 2+ hours, just to wash.  So...we call Maytag.  You know the company whose repair man is always bored and or sleeping because they never break down - pfffffft, whatever.  Anyway, today they were supposed to come fix it.  BUT, they called the cell phone we give the kids when they go to their friends houses.  NOW, in Maytag's defense.  That number used to be our house number.  But that would probably be why my FF asked them to change it when he set up the appointment.  So, they called the other phone and N told them we were not home - cringing on SO many levels.  Nevermind that we were in the front yard discussing mums.  Anyway, repairman told N he would be over in a few minutes.  N called us and we came in.  After an hour, J called the repairman.

Well, your kid told me you weren't home so I went to my next call.  Can you come back after you are done? We are still in our repair window.  You have to call this 1-800 # and they have to send me back.  Yeah, let's just say after 4 hours, several CSRs, being hung up on, transferred to company that is closed, speaking to several supervisor, a scathing email to the company, or two, comments on their FB page and still not having a repair date for another week and a half. Needless to say, I HATE MAYTAG right now!  Their customer service is horrible.  Even with a warranty.  And how is it that the 1963 Avocado Green Whirlpool set we inherited from a teacher where I student taught worked until the day we got rid of it, this sucks that after a few months I have to wait a FREAKING MONTH to get my washer back.  I made a trip to the laundromat and tomorrow we are heading to grandpa's so I can do laundry.

My cramps are killing me (sorry guys), my boys can't figure out how the heck to find a clean room, I have to grade a TON of tests and essays before midterms are due in 36 hours, my girls did not nap and I could go on and on and on.

BUT, I enjoyed the afternoon with my dad, my hubby put carpet stair treads on the stairs to ease Giovanni's trips up and down - it is heck with these steep stairs and only three legs, the Brewers won Game 1, the Badgers are making an exciting game tonight and I get to watch both the Packer and Brewers game tomorrow afternoon (I am taking the TV from my bedroom and setting it up next to my dad's TV on a table - sad, I know.), my hubby survived his first week of paramedic school, I made it through the week of fall-out with the Homecoming fiasco, I got a tremendous compliment from my principal this week.  And I could go on and on.  I just need to focus on these blessings.  I am working on it, I really am.

But, I still hate Maytag.
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