Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This May Have Been My Nightmare Come True.

My kids have cooties!  LICE. Ewwww!  Nearly 12 years and no cooties.  All this time in the public schools, kids and parents both, and NO LICE.  Everyone is finally in private school and now both girls have cooties. To make things worse, O was puking while I was combing out her hair.  While I started working on her, I get a call from work.  N was in the office puking.

So, puke buckets and bugs crawling around in my kids' heads.  The two things I just can't stand!  Mind you, upon inspection this morning, both were clear.  Everything is in bags and heat.

Can't hurt, let me, circle, dot, dot now you have a cootie shot.

Guess what, it was a blue shift!  Even though my FF is in his med classes, the curse continues...
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