Monday, October 10, 2011

Just Another Maniac Monday

I got everyone out the door, only 10 minutes later than my goal.  Pretty good.  Get to school, no one's waiting for me - awesome.  Write my early dismissal notes for the muppets, as we HAD an appointment (rescheduled) for the Washer to be repaired this afternoon.  My morning class went wonderfully, until the fire engine siren screamed from my phone.  Our repair appointment got cancelled, AGAIN!  And J needed me to call a reschedule.  Deep, cleansing breaths.  Then came my prep.  Being department chair you get a ton of weird stuff, but above all, you keep your head secretary happy.  So when she requests that I speak to a member of my department.  You take a deep breath and ask, "About????"  When I found that it was taking attendance, all I could do was shake me head.  He did not know the web address for our attendance page, his password, nothin'.  So, I got all of that taken care of for him.  Walked him through it.  His response, "You mean, I have to do that, everyday, for BOTH my classes?"  And he was serious.  SMH.  Yup, you do.

So, I saunter back to my classroom and sit to make the call to reschedule my appointment.  Akeena answers and I could hardly understand her.  Earliest appointment is a week from today.  REALLY??  I HAVE BEEN WITHOUT MY FREAKING $1200 WASHER FOR A MONTH AND YOU WANT ME TO WAIT ANOTHER WEEK!    Yeah, I politely requested a supervisor, Linda, who was easier to work with.  She suggested going back to Maytag and explaining this mess directly to them.  So, I have another 1-800 number for my lunch hour.  While I was on the phone with A&E Repair, my call waiting beeps.  My vet.
More? Yup, there's more.  Call Dr. Waters, the super vet back.  She vetted Giovanni on Saturday for me and while she was over, I had her look at Willow.  Willow has had an insatiable thirst and loss of appetite.  I should have thought diabetes, given our experience, but I never thought about it. (Embarrassed)  We did a quick check, 434.  Ummm, yeah, time to do some blood work.  My girl's glucose was over 500 from the lab. Not good.  But all other functions are good - kidney, liver panel - all came back clean.  SOOO, where do you want to have the insulin filled?  I don't know.  J's meds are just through Walgreen's.  She suggested Wal-mart as the cheapest, so I text her the address and number of the closest one down here.  

While I am on with her, my phone buzzes, got a text.  It is J - "I would like to go to a study group in Tosa at 7:15. Any conflicts?"  SMH. No dear, go ahead.  I have my super cape on today.  LOL  Ah well, such is the life of a fire wife, right?

Oh, by the way - it is only 11:00 AM.  I can't wait for the rest of the day.  Here come's my study hall, I am SO excited!

I had to ask!  12:20pm and I am pulled out of my class (with food in my mouth) to speak with a reporter regarding our 1:1 laptop program. Me and my big mouth.
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