Monday, October 31, 2011

I Think I Am Going to Sleep In

I am up before the sun and try to have my FF out the door to his paramedic classes and the muppets buckled in before 6:15am.  That allows me about 30 minutes in my classroom to get started for the day.  I finally found a way to keep the three stooges quiet (N is too cool and hangs out at his locker) so I could work.  The girls have a desk, right next to mine with books for them, a Barbie laptop to work on with Mommy, papers, sticky notes, colored pencils and whatever little trinkets caught their attention at that moment.  B draws or plays with a field hockey ball or hangs out with one of our janitors who seems to have developed a mutual admiration for my kids.  It works worked.

Now, my room seems to be the hang-out for the early birds.  Teachers and staff come for no real reason, just to chat and I get nothing done.  I hear about dreams, Turkish game shows I just have to see, you name it. Not only do I get nothing done, but I lose my quiet peaceful children.  Since the environment is no longer quiet, neither are they.  So now, I am entertaining teachers, trying to plan in my head, shushing my children while reminding them this is a classroom and not a playground.  UGH!  What is a girl to do?

Solution?  Well, since I get nothing done and I come in early to get something done, this is not working.  So, I am simply going to stay home an extra half an hour and maybe, I don't know, eat breakfast or something crazy like that.

Happy Monday!
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